Nicolas Lequeux
new creations for the Manufacture

Following on from his Art Décool collection launched last year, Nicolas Lequeux has designed a series of graphic, colorful sellettes and dishes inspired by the ceramics of Mediterranean villa facades, in an asymmetrical version of Art Déco.


These hybrid objects are precious, mobile harnesses whose function depends on the user's imagination. At home, they can be used to place your bag next to your favorite armchair, or your coffee cup in front of your sofa.
Placed on a table or chest of drawers, they create height with a vase or sculpture on top. In a store window, they can be used to present a product elegantly on different levels.
I designed these objects with a perennial aspect in mind. They will be passed on and their uses will evolve with time and their owners. Hence my proposals for multiple uses.
Nicolas Lequeux


Art Décool bowls

The geometric variations of the 12 cups evoke a naive sunset on the beaches of the South, or a big, abstract Pac-Man smile, a nod to the desire to smile indoors while wearing masks outdoors.