Léodie Maignant

Léodie Maignant was 16 when she discovered ceramics through modeling and enameling classes. A passion and fulfillment were born for these techniques, developing day by day. She devoted herself fully to learning ceramics, spending six years studying at the Lycée du Gué in Tresmes to acquire the basics of this craft offering an inexhaustible source of inspiration.


During her training, Léodie won the INMA competition in 2016 for the Avenir des Métiers d'art d'Île-de-France prize. On completion of her training, she obtained the DMA Diploma specializing in ceramics, then joined the "Decoration" workshop at Manufacture des Émaux de Longwy in 2021. Inspired by nature, travel and everyday experiences, Léodie creates ceramic pieces that evoke the harmony and beauty of the world and all it has to offer, while adding a touch of light.


Through her work, she seeks to convey visions of the world that resonate with those who contemplate her creations.

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