Frédéric Mané

Born in Catalonia, Frédéric Mané spent his childhood between Collioure and Cadaquès, cities of painters celebrated by Matisse and Dali. He grew up in a colourful environment of artists and remains marked by the enchanted world of the toy shop founded by his grandfather in Perpignan.
His sources of inspiration are the bewitching muses and mythological tales of the Mediterranean. His creations are influenced by the observation of nature in perpetual motion, such as the drops of water dripping on the leaves, the flight of a bird on the sea, the flutter of an insect's wings in the moonlight or the gallop of a horse at dusk. His drawings transcribe these poetic moments in pure lines and synthesise these movements in a palette of colours that is always refreshing.
Each of his collections, designed with passion and precision of detail, tells romantic and symbolist stories in a resolutely contemporary style.
For the past 14 years Frédéric Mané has been a consultant designer and has collaborated with the houses of savoir-faire, Parisian jewellers and international signatures. With a varied creative experience in the field of luxury houses and particularly in jewellery, the design of precious objects and accessories, Frédéric Mané collaborates with the houses of expertise and the high jewellery workshops of the Place Vendôme, which allows him to have a technical follow-up of the process of conception of the pieces, from the creation to the manufacturing in all its technicality as well as its subtlety.
Internationally, he carries out missions in the Emirates and Asia, presenting the collections, meeting and designing directly for private clients for whom he imagines unique, made-to-measure pieces based on a rich palette of styles and sensibilities.

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