Constance Lombard

Constance Lombard always knew she would become an artist.

Drawing was an obvious choice for her from an early age.


So she decided to study computer graphics in Algrange, France, followed by a higher diploma in Animation and Illustration in Namur, Belgium.


Thanks to these training courses, she has acquired numerous techniques for creating and realizing projects. She notably contributed to the animation of the video clip "Grandes Oreilles" by the singer M, as well as the short film "Cupcakes," which won a prize at the 1001 Images 2023 festival and was selected for the Anima 2024 festival.


At the same time, she creates her own artistic projects and animations, one of which was selected for the Anima 2021 festival, expressing her passion through various means of expression.


She joined our teams at the beginning of 2024 as a screen printer and was given the opportunity to create our new earthenware collection, entitled "Herboriste," showcasing her love of dried flowers and spring breezes.


She hopes that this collection and her future creations in our workshop will move you.

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