For the packaging of your parts, we use a specific foam that covers them completely and holds them securely in their box so that they can travel in good conditions and arrive in perfect condition.

Breakage is extremely rare, less than 1% of shipments, we recommend that you open your package in the presence of the carrier to check the condition of your piece upon delivery.
100% of our customers are satisfied with the solutions offered in case of delivery problems.

Here are some pictures of the packaging of your orders.


Expanding foam machine

Expanding foam machine to adapt to the shape of the parts

Shipment of earthenware eggs

Shipment of an egg in earthenware, the glazes are shipped in a box.

Final cushioning foam

Final cushioning of the package with expanding foam

Package closure

Closing of the package, fragile mention

Fragile package closure

Closing of the package, fragile mention


Gluing list

Settlement list, address verification


Weighing trolley

Ready for weighing

Weighing of parcels

Weighing of parcels

Packaging enamel box

Packaging of enamels in boxes, foam padding and shrink-wrapping before packing for shipment

Pallets enamel boxes

Pallets of enamel boxes