Christophe Jehan

Born in 1961 to an Andalusian mother and a Breton father, Christophe JEHAN studied in Paris.
In love with the sea, he worked as an architect in the Caribbean islands where he enjoyed surfing and underwater fishing...
Seduced by the local colours and light, he perfected his painting skills in his spare time. When homesickness overtakes him, he decides to move to the Spanish border, in the south-west of France, to devote himself entirely to painting.
Christophe JEHAN set up his studio in a small fisherman's house, which very quickly inspired his first characters and scenes of life where colour proved to be a real gift.
The sea is at first the main theme of his paintings. After several exhibitions in Paris, the artist took a liking to painting people as he sees them in his urban world. He treats his subjects with humour and gives them an undeniable breath of tenderness and energy.
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