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Marlen - Colonial Ball

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Ø 35 - H. 38
Collection : Marlen
Model: Boule Coloniale
Designer: Stéphane Gisclard

With this new painting on a colonial ball, Stéphane Gisclard proposes two faces with very different pictorial styles. One of the faces is a reproduction of the codes of his enigmatically charming female characters in warm tones, the second face is a delicate profile in black and white punctuated with red touches.

He has the exceptional mastery of a great storyteller of light. A powerful line in a palette of vivid and subtle colours ranging from flamboyant reds, to shimmering ochres and soft bistre which accentuate the shaded and luminous effects of his works.

His painting is influenced by the great masters of Cubism (Gris, Braque, Picasso, etc.) and African art.

Numbered and limited edition of 60 copies

Model in : Enamel

Catalogue number: 167261

Stéphane Gisclard Born in 1966 in Béziers, he lives and works in the South of France. Stéphane Gisclard is an artist inspired by particular atmospheres and paints, in the contemporaneity of his writing, his city and his region. He has the exceptional mastery of a great storyteller of light. A light that emerges from multiple planes, satellites of a whole with abundant imbrications. A powerful line accentuates this multiplication of the plans refuges of the shades and the lights, parcels of subtle colors, flat surfaces collected, interwoven, offering to see through this puzzle of the "scenes of kind with the muscular atmospheres". Even if Stéphane Gisclard's painting is influenced by the great masters of cubism (Gris, Braque, Picasso, Metzinger...) and African art, he nevertheless retains his personality in a powerful graphic style always bathed in Mediterranean light. He depicts a timeless world, barely softened by the ambiguous smiles of female characters. The light and colors of his native South are a permanent source of inspiration. To know more about the artist :

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