José Levy

What does José Lévy do?
The answer is not simple, so much so that his practices are intersectional, at the point of convergence of a set of disciplines and know-how patiently explored, compiled and arranged.
José Lévy designs objects, and by objects we mean manufactured things. Porcelain for the Manufacture de Sèvre, ceramics for Astier de Vilatte, crystal for Saint-Louis, furniture for Roche-Bobois or Gallery S.Bensimon, candles, bath linen, clothes for himself and others...
In his contemporary adventures, as when the seasons of his memorable ready-to-wear brand were still being paraded, José Levy's work qualifies the air of the times with fantasies and survivals.
As an archaeologist, he searches for known but forgotten forms in techniques and know-how, popular cultures and past banalities, which inhabit his creations of nostalgia and reminiscences.
Shared memories untied and diluted in a present-day writing that purposely displaces remarkable forms.
José Levy's objects are between two ages, immediate and tangible, they display the signs of an affirmative contemporaneity and open towards possible times.

A free and curious creator, eclectic and focused, he has always illustrated his very personal vision by collaborating since the beginning of his career with numerous artists, photographers and visual artists
artists, photographers and visual artists, architects and musicians.
Since 2007, he has devoted himself entirely to this cross-disciplinary creative work, between the plastic and decorative arts.

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