Georges Braque

After a Fauve period in 1906, founder of Cubism in 1907, initiator of the Abstract in 1909, Georges Braque is "the greatest French painter of the 20th century". Around 1960, Georges Braque became aware of the lack of works produced in three dimensions. To fill this gap, he synthesised his major works into a hundred or so gouaches signed and annotated with his permission to reproduce them in jewellery, sculptures, tapestries, ceramics and porcelain. He asked his friend Baron de Loewenfeld, a famous jeweller, to help him in this process and was the first painter to exhibit his "Metamorphoses" at the Louvre Museum. In 1996, Baron de Loewenfeld appointed Armand Israël as the patron of Georges Braque's works. In 2006, Armand Israël became the Curator of the Museum of the Metamorphoses of Georges Braque in St. Dié des Vosges.    

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