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Vale Do Javari - Square Flared Pocket

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19 x 19 - H. 4
Collection : Vale Do Javari
Model: Vide-poche Carré Evasé
Designer: Cédric Peltier

Passionate about nature and animals, the designer Cedric Peltier excels in figurative art, all the works of the artist are thought in detail. We continue our escapade in the middle of nature. The decor of foliage and parrots in flamboyant blue tones gives us the impression of admiring them in full flight, eyes riveted to the sky that they brighten.

Decorated with 24 ct gold


IMPORTANT : The composition of our enamel is not suitable for food use.


Creation 2023

Model in : Enamel

Reference : 302711

Cédric Peltier Cedric Peltier was 19 years old when he started drawing and painting. He knew it was a little late but he had always been fascinated by people who could draw and after his bachelor's degree in literature, he turned away from his journalistic aspirations to devote himself fully to learning art. Since then, he has always felt rushed, trying to catch up. More interested in a traditional apprenticeship than a Fine Arts education, he went to Brussels to acquire the basics of decorative painting at the Van der Kelen-Logelain Institute. There he learned to create imitations of marble, wood, precious stones and ornaments. Then, after a trip to Venice where he discovered old masters such as Titian, Veronese or Tintoretto, he decided to develop his own painting and to perfect himself in figurative art. He settles near La Rochelle for a large renovation project of a 15th century fortified farmhouse located in a nature reserve and alongside Jean Michel Benier, he is taught to compose and think a work of art. He is passionate about Nature and creates his first series of paintings with a magnificent bull as subject. After two years there, he decides to continue his studies in Avignon where he learns to create traditional frescoes and to restore historical monuments. Revealed through his collaborations with La Maison Pierre Frey, La Mamounia and Cartier, Cedric Peltier is now based in Paris and after many years of trying to develop his own techniques, he truly believes that collaborations between artists and artisans can be the best way to bring a work of art to a higher dimension. "Working together to make it grow..." Artist's website

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