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Lemon Insect - Square Flared Pocket

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15 x 15 - H. 3 cm
Collection : Lemon Insect
Model: Vide-Poches Carré Evasé
Designer : Michaël Cailloux

Seduced by the delicate technique of enameling Emaux de Longwy which allows a rendering in relief and finesse, Michaël Cailloux has drawn spontaneously on the forms by revisiting the bees of Napoleon.
They twirl in a field of grass under a greedy summer sun ... All sprinkled with a zest of lemon for a more geometric rendering.
A decor that the artist has called "Lemon Insect".


IMPORTANT : The composition of our enamel is not suitable for food use.


Creation 2020

Model in : Enamel

Reference : 302706

Michaël Cailloux Inspired by 17th century still life and Art Nouveau naturalism, Michaël Cailloux cultivates the art of drawing with fine felt pens. He invents a fertile and unbridled nature in the course of a plural work: sculptures, etchings and design. When he discovered the Longwy factory, he was seduced by the delicate technique of enameling, which allows for a rendering in relief and finesse.

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