Eclats de Temps - Boule Flo

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Ø 24 - H. 26
Collection : Eclats de Temps
Model: Boule Flo
Designer : Thoma Ryse

For his first collaboration with the Faienceries et Emaux de Longwy, the painter and sculptor Thoma Ryse reveals "Eclats de Temps", a collection with strong vibratory tones.
This creation is a burst of joy, a hymn to reality in the abstract.
Playing with colors and graphic forms, free or playful, the elements respond to each other in a singular harmony that leaves room for the imagination and philosophical thoughts.
Thoma Ryse offers us crossed glances towards the carefree memories of childhood with these colored circles with accents of fairground lollipops, and the moments of our adult lives more active, structured or random where the dream and the moments of chaos projected in lines and black spots on the canvas of our existences are shared.

Numbered and limited edition of 100 copies

Model in : Enamel

Catalogue number: 168757

Thoma Ryse Painter and sculptor, Thoma Ryse discovered the world of creation on earthenware in Quimper in 2012 and it is quite naturally that he signed a first collection for the Faïenceries de Longwy in September 2014. The artist is multiple and elusive, unexpected at times, with an undeniable generosity expressed by the wide palette of colours and a suppleness of line sometimes reminiscent of Matisse. Thoma Ryse constantly illuminates the opening that life suddenly makes for itself and unfolds for us without manoeuvre or repetition, the light that springs up at the bottom of the tunnel to illuminate, with a touch of baroque, a universe full of vitality and energy. His coloured spaces, where the architectural elements are sometimes invasive and willingly jostled, remind us in turn of Monet's "Water Lilies" and Pollock's "All Over". Artist's website

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