Trends - Long live Longwy enamel

broadcast on Sat. 27.10.18 at 9:06 am on France 2
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Columnist: Sylvie Adigard

The enamel factory celebrates its 220th anniversary

Founded in 1798, the Longwy enamel factory is celebrating its 220th anniversary this year. 1798 saw the foundation of the Faïencerie in Longwy in a former convent.

A production renowned since the First Empire: the Emperor Napoleon the First, after his visit to the "workshop of the factory", ordered the tableware for the Imperial houses of the Legion of Honour.

In 1835, the earthenware factory passed into the hands of the Huart family for 140 years, and from then on it prospered.

In order to "fight back in France" against the growing imports from China and Japan, the d'Huarts brought the Italian Amédée de Carenza to Longwy - around 1872 - who brought with him the exclusive techniques that would enable him to produce enamels on earthenware.

The famous "Émaux de Longwy" were born and their reputation would only grow.

To celebrate their 220th anniversary, the Manufacture is coming to the Bristol. Bastien Brousse, the hotel's floral designer, has chosen the house's vases to sublimate his new settings which adorn the hotel's common areas. A beautiful setting for the house which celebrates its 220th anniversary this year and an opportunity for us to look back at the history of this extraordinary manufacture.