Position based in Longwy (54)
Screen printing department
Level: CAP/BEP in screen printing or equivalent experience

Mission : Creation of screen printing screens and reworking of decors

Screen printing:

  • Layering on the designer's model

  • Reworking the tracing with pencil

  • Under the designer's supervision, the layer is laid flat on a bristol board in the screen printer's work area.

  • Matt polyester film coating

  • Rostringing to match the decor

  • Screen degreasing

  • Wash with plenty of water, without pressure, and leave to dry.

  • Coating a screen printing screen with a photosensitive material

  • Apply film to the screen-printing screen on the exposure table, then expose the screen, after creating a vacuum.

  • Stripping the screen

  • Bring the screen to the press shop with the mock-up

  • Inventory and supply management

  • Keep the workstation clean


  • Creation of stamps (reference, collection name, etc.) on the computer

  • Special customer requests

  • Screen cleaning

Quality mission: Comply with the designer's requests, taking into account manufacturing constraints.
HSE mission: Check that QHSE instructions are properly applied.

Complementary knowledge: artistic and computer skills, software knowledge, Coreldraw, Photoshop, Illustrator

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