It is a Parisian trader, Fernand Jacob, established 16, rue Martel, who ordered the first specimens from the Faïencerie de Longwy. The marks are varied, the most common is "Jacfer", a combination of the first syllables of his name and surname. One also tells the mention "Ferjac" whose meaning is identical. More rarely, one finds the inscription "Suzfer", an abbreviation of his wife's first name and his own. If Fernand Jacob had this work done by our factory rather than by another, it is because he was a native of the city.


There are two models: the Simca 5 and the Simca 8.
Personal and family reasons have motivated the choice of this firm. These ashtrays have a length of about 170 mm. Published between the years 1936 and 1951 and although some are enamelled in relief with circled decoration, they are mainly made of pink, blue, green or white earthenware. Never intended for direct sale, they were given as gifts to buyers of "Simca".

The casts are of various qualities, sometimes the details of the hood, the grille, the doors are very marked, sometimes they are almost blurred, which is due to the production in large series. Fernand Jacob asked the artist J.M Redanau to redesign the silhouette of the Simca Cinq, in order to adapt it to his project. One thus discovers, sometimes, its signature on the mouldings of better invoice.


Some pieces have a legend on the back. These texts, printed in black under the glaze, are mainly; "A machine to make savings", for the Simca Five, or "An appetite of bird", for the Simca Eight. However, many cars do not have any inscription, because this one was originally on a glued label which disappeared with the passing of time. Very rare examples have kept this label where one can read: "Still the most economical car in the world".

Other factories have produced, later, cars ashtrays. Sarreguemines, in particular, produced for other sponsors, Simca Sport 1200 cabriolet. Simca Aronde "interior driving" were produced by the PS pottery.

Excerpt from Dominique Dreyfus' notebooks Passions et Collections


On the occasion of Father's Day 2018, our Manufacture is reissuing these models as decorative objects, matte or glossy versions, black or white color, decorated with gold or platinum.