Colouring game
"Colour your Easter egg Longwy
Until April 9th 2020

In this period of confinement, we propose to entertain children of all ages, and even older children, with a choice of 3 colourings to be made on eggs from the historical designs of our Manufacture, the designs D188, D5675 and D5685.
Let your children's imagination run wild, there is no need to reproduce exactly the chosen pattern, on the contrary, dare to be different and creative, like for example our new Tutti Frutti collection based on the D188 pattern.
Download the printable pdf file of your choice in A4 format, once coloured, scan it or photograph it and send it back to us via our facebook page.
A photo album of the drawings will be published, the one that our jury will choose will win his or her enamel creation.

The Black Line
Longwy has the exclusive right in France to produce cloisonné glazes with black lines on earthenware. This delicate technique consists of printing the decoration in black on the
This delicate technique consists in printing the black decoration on the raw biscuit, then filling each cell with a coloured enamel.

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