Bicentenary of the death of Napoleon 1821-2021
Special limited edition T2 egg

The 5th of May 2021 will mark the bicentenary of the death of Emperor Napoleon I on St. Helena.

Napoleon I is part of the history of our factory.
In 1806, the young Emperor visited the fortress of Longwy and noticed the production of earthenware. He ordered a dinner service from the faience factory for the Houses of the Legion of Honour.

From this prestigious service, we still have a tureen skilfully molded, with two eagle-shaped holds, a frieze of laurels and bees.

The memory of the Emperor remains alive at the Faïencerie which regularly publishes pieces for the commemorations of the Napoleonic epic.
We therefore wished to present an exceptional piece to commemorate the anniversary of his death:
An egg of 12 cm, imperial green background, enhanced with gold, on which are represented several Napoleonic symbols: the cockade bicorn, bees and laurel friezes, the imperial eagle, the hand of justice.

Numbered and strictly limited to 200 copies.

For all orders placed before May 5, receive an exceptional discount of 10%, that is to say 495 € including VAT, free shipping.

Our decorative eggs are flat-bottomed and can be placed on any flat surface without the need for a special support.