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Les Aigrettes - Big Cup

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Ø 66 cm - H. 9 cm
Collection : Les Aigrettes
Model : Large Cup
Desginer : Manfuacture of the Emaux de Longwy 1798

The Tradition collection is enriched by a new decoration: "Les Aigrettes", drawn from the archives of our Manufacture.

A return to the roots, much appreciated by enamel lovers, with this oriental collection.

A bit of history on the era of Japonism from which Longwy was inspired to create new decorations:
"Asian arts experienced a triumph at the Paris World's Fair in 1878. "It is no longer a fashion, it is a craze, it is madness" exclaimed Ernest Cheneau in 1879 in the Gazette des Beaux-Arts.
As early as the 1867 World's Fair, the beginnings of this Japanese taste are felt. In 1859, on their return from the Orient, Collinot and Adalbert de Beaumont published "Recueil de dessins pour l'art et l'industrie". Their Japanese and Persian-Arabic prints served as the basis for numerous creations in Longwy.
The Huart brothers, who took over the family pottery in Longwy in 1855, had the idea of countering the massive imports of Far Eastern ceramics by applying to earthenware the principle of partitioning or enclosing the decorations. It is not to imitate them, but to replace them by similar products of a bright color, less monotonous in appearance, elegant and more in harmony with the needs and tastes of the time. It is a technical revolution implemented in an industrial way by Amédée de Caranza in 1872.
Japonism will offer to Longwy its letters of nobility with its imagery of dragons, chimeras, fans, roosters, reeds, waders..."

Creation 2019

Model in : Enamel

Reference : 1644803

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