Geo - Boule Midi

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Ø 16 - H. 18
Collection : Géo
Model: Boule Midi
Designer : Clotilde D.

With Géo, the artist Clotilde D. has created a very contemporary geometric design, where lines and circles decorated with precious metals share the space in a perfect and harmonious balance.  

Midi ball 'Geo' white glossy background, black decoration, 24 carat gold and 19 carat platinum. 

Model in : Enamel

Reference : 169338

Clotilde D. Clotilde D. revolutionised Longwy in 2010 by creating the Géo collection. The exclusive use of black and white combined with gold and platinum in the temple of colour that is Longwy was a gamble, but her pieces immediately found an audience. So much so that a large part of the Longwy collection is now available in black and white. Clotilde, while still favouring a certain geometry in her creations, now offers us more ethnic and colourful collections. 

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